вівторок, 21 квітня 2015 р.

Intro to my pet project

They say, each old or new programmer must have its own pet project, where he can study some new tricks. After a year, I finally, decided to start my own project: tiny CMS for managing small-size clinic. Before that I tried myself with Java, C and C++. About a year and a half ago I decided to switch myself to Python so I finished some Python courses (indeed there were two of them: Google's Python Class and Introduction to Interactive Programming on Coursera), and now I'n trying to improve my skills in python using Flask micro-framework, MySQL and some other simple stuff for building web-pages in order to get more comfortable with these technologies.

I have to say, that indeed, I am "working" on this project near 4 monthes. And under "working" I mean it is not so regular as I'd like it to be, but I'm trying to work on it each day for 1-2 hours in order to make some progress.

So, what are the objectives for it?

  • Study more deeply Python
  • Study SQL, and related Python-library: SQL Alchemy.
  • Study new (at least for me) technologies like: HTML, CSS (incl. CSS3), JavaScript (Ajax), and jQuery
  • Study Web-oriented Python framework Flask and its extensions.
  • Study some version control system (currently it is git, but I also liked mercurial).

I have no scope to make any deep research in Web or Computer design, and I believe that good design can be made by good designer, but as the present stage it is not so important. Right now I'm re-writing my present code (that I store in private archive at bitbucket) in order to allow people to use it from different places.

In this blog under the category "Pet Project", I'm going to leave some notes that may be usefull for other people, and also describe my own experience until this project will be released.


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