пʼятниця, 21 травня 2010 р.

CPUFreqUtils : Applying different governors for different cores

In order to avoid overheating I have to keep first of my cores in "Ondemand" governor and another one in "Powersave" governor. Initial cpufrequitls booting script puts both of the cores into the same governor mode. Therefore I just slightly modified that booting script for cpufrequtils, so it satisfied with new requirements.

New Version

So, what is going there:

-) GOVERNOR contains governor for the first core

-) ALTGOVERNOR contains governor for the rest cores

-) CPUs amount is detected and stores in CPUSAMOUNT variable

-) If ALTGOVERNOR variable is not set - Default Governor is applied for all the cores, othervise GOVERNOR is applied for the first core, and ALTGOVERNOR for the rest.

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